I provide counselling and psychotherapy online via secure video conferencing through Zoom or Skype. This can be done at your home, work or office as long as it is a safe and private space to talk, you have a smart phone, tablet or laptop and access to a stable WiFi connection. I always recommend you use headphones or earphones to ensure privacy as well as sound quality.

Having online therapy has a range of benefits for clients such as comfort, convenience and accessibility for all but it also allows you a wider choice of therapists from all around the UK and even world wide. If you often have to travel for work or personal reasons, online therapy allows me to provide continuous support and flexibility with scheduling sessions.

While there can be some technical difficulties at times, research has consistently shown that online therapy is just as effective as face to face therapy. Having your own home comforts or a cup of tea while getting the emotional support you need can often be more comforting for you and you may feel it is easier to talk.